Hardwood, Laminate, Tile, or Carpet? What do you use?

Wooden flooring has edge over carpet flooring in many ways because wooden flooring is more durable, easy to clean, odorless, stain free. In addition, you can choose among wide variety of wooden flooring according to your will and budget you got.

I like using the self-stick vinyl tiles in the kitchen and sometimes the bathroom. I also have put down slate tile in some of the bathrooms and kitchens. It looks better and I’m usually able to get a little higher rent as a result. I also make sure I have decent bathroom fans to keep the moisture low so it doesn’t cause any mold growth in the grout. For bedrooms, I usually either have carpet or if there are wood floors, I’ll refinish them. I prefer not to use carpet but if I do, then I usually find the lowest price stuff that still has decent stain protection. I try to get a darker carpet to hide any stains.

That appears to cool thread! We’ll try to throw this a reference in our hardwood refinishing information section. Moreover i always prefer laminate flooring as it is very affordable to get.