Getting Stuck

You guys are great and thank you for the advice. I am looking into the porch removal, but I’m thinking about keeping the wrap around. Do you recommend this?

I would totally keep the wrap around porch once the ramp is gone.

why are you all against the ramp? I would imagine it would attract more buyers - ala disabled or mobility challenged. Jared is right, you do need some color. Can anyone see that the home is for sale with that tiny sign?

I wouldn’t remove the ramp. I’d clean and maybe stain it @ #20/gallon, and paint the shutters a nice contrast color to make the house pop.

The house itself is awkward because when I look at it, I can’t tell if I’m looking at the front, back, side or what.

What’s a deck go for? If it isn’t a pain - permits etc.) offer one as a bonus

95% of buyers don’t need the ramp so you are marketing to a very small group with the ramp, that’s why. Its not worth keeping it to attract that 5% of the market at the risk of losing the 95% in my opinion.

It’s like trying to sell a house with a backyard pool in Alaska. Probably a very small percentage of people that would want it.