Do NOT Forget

Nothing wrong with wanting to kill terrorists. Days after 9/11 there was Army SF, Air Force Combat Controllers and CIA in Afghanistan exterminating the Taliban with the Northern Alliance (friendly insurgency). Within 4 weeks they were either all dead or fled deep into the mountains. In my opinion, these tactics are what should of been used in Iraq because it’s the absolute most effective way to kill terrorist and give control back to the citizens, but no one voted me Commander in Chief.

But yes- you were a trainwreck! Leave the killing up to the emotionally stable guys.

Hey, did not know you were retired from the Army as well? What did you do for the 20yrs you were in?

I was a telephone switch maintenance NCO, a mainframe computer maintenenace NCO, a Data Processing Equipment Maintenance Officer, and a Telecommununications Systems Maintenance Officer…the last seven years, I was a Communications Officer for the President.

…and you thought I was just another pretty face!



Thanks for your service to the United States of America!

My Military Bio:

Logistics NCO, Infantry Squad Leader and sniper, S-4 Supply, Stinger Missle Gunner while AD, Instructor at NCO Academy, Drill Sergeant, and the last 3 yrs an Army Recruiter up until the time of my accident, then “Game Over”

Now I am a full time investor! :wink: