That’s the mysterious part of marketing, you just don’t know what is the right sequence, right number of mailers, right message, etc., but through testing and measuring, you can find out what will work in the marketplace you are targetting.

You need to test everything; your message, your offer, your call to action, your headline, the number of times you mail something (repetition), how you send it (postcard or direct mail).

There are alot of variables that you can test, and you need to, if you want to maximize the returns on your efforts.


Scott Miller

How did you go about contacting them? Are you using the online service or are they emailing you the list? txs

Ok, I will ask in the open forum…

What are NODs? I can’t figure out the acronym.



NOD = Notice of Default, NOS = Notice of Sale. First one is when the bank notifies the home owner of them being in default, and the second is when they are informed of the sale date of their property.

Oh, so NOD = Lis Pendins and NOS = Final Judgement of Foreclosure

or am I realy missing this? I am in Florida.

Not all of them do, and not all states allow it. In Texas for example, title companies cannot provide you with the lists.

10-15% that’s great! Which envelopes are you using from them. I checked out the website but couldn’t find anything for real estate investors.

Response rate is good BUT return on investment is better.

Use response rate to measure and test different marketing campaigns but also look at ROI.

If you got .05 per cent but found a deal then that aint bad either.