Dealing with realtors and real estate lawyers

l want to start by letting you know I too am a Realtor.

First you may want to find a Realtor that wants to work with an new investor. Most experienced agents will give you a pass because most new investors really have no idea what they are doing and are a waste of time.

I have had some new investors sit across from me and use terms like “straw buyers” and “thinking outside the box”. These new investors didn’t learn those terms on their own, they were taught those terms in an investment club that stole their money with wild promises of wealth beyond their imagination. Terms like that will earn a buyer prison time and will earn me a one way ticket to my license being revoked. It is those terms put into action that have caused the housing industry to take a nose dive. The boom was partially fueled by speculators that drove the prices higher and higher. They had nothing invested, so they had nothing to loose. And now those same speculators are the ones crying that they are being foreclosed upon and looking for help from the government to bail them out.

Finally, any agent that looks only at the commission they will earn is not worth your time. As an agent your client comes first, money comes second. The operative term here is ‘client’, not buyer or investor. Find an experience agent that will work with you, learn from them and treat them fairly and you will have a team member that will earn you a lot of money and earn your respect.

Reading between the lines of Ken Tate’s first post, it’s easier if your advisors are also real estate investors themselves. It’s the difference between getting advice from someone who read about real estate in a book or has real world experience.

A agree with Tien as well, this business about “support teams” is mostly guru speak BS.