Carlton Sheets program

the reason that people have said its a scam isnt because of the material, but because they have overcharged people’s credit cards. You can find all kinds of complaints about it on You were smart to buy it on ebay because that won’t happen to you. I personally was going to buy it a few years ago, but decided not to after I researched it on FYI is a great place to check out products before you buy, especially anything that you see on an infomerical

Actually, when you think about it, a lot of the creative financing concepts just may be making a comeback with all these tightter lending restrictions and people messing up their credit. Many of the complaints that I saw on other sites was that people didn;t return it by the specified deadline, and then were charged for it. That’s their own fault. Many didn’t even try to concepts. As far as the concept’s validity, most people I’ve asked ( both on this site and local REI) have said it has been done before. However, not every strategy will work all the time.

Carleton Sheet’s course was my first course post books. It did not teach me how to invest because I was too green, lived in an apartment, and called maintenance to come change my kitchen light bulb because i did not know how to remove the plastic cover :slight_smile:

What the course did help me realize that there are way too many ways to invest, not just go through banks to buy rental properties with negative cashflow. It made me pursue other investing strategies.


Please tell us that has all changed…!



Yeah I know how to change it now, although I just purchased my first ladder for my home about 3 months ago :slight_smile:

Can you give us an example or two of Sheets’ techniques that you have used without using banks?

I’ve used banks twice, once to buy my current residence, and once to buy my latest rehab. All my other purchases were sub2/owner financed deals.

hi thanks for this info, its extremely helpful.

I will probably pick up the carleton sheets program at 20 bucks plus 35 for shipping.

does anyone know about the program provided at by bill vaughn?
it’s only 70 bucks and makes alot of claims such as containing all the info you need, 100,000 dollar life time garantee and free mentorship as and when needed. It really seems that they are out too help you rather than rid you of your hard earned money.