Best Times For Door Knocking & Cold Calling?

The best time for me, is the day garbage barrels go out for pick up.
The trucks are out each day in a different part of town.
I drive/walk before and after the truck comes. I talk to people who are bringing out or taking in their dumptsters.
The only problem is; some ladies are embarrassed with their hair rolled up and in a bath robe. Most guys are OK.
I try to come off as a neighbor. After a few times they reconize me. Thats when iI ease in my pitch. Too fast has had poor results because their anti-salesman guard goes up.

I use to be an insurance sales rep. I have to tell you, there is nothing worst than knocking on doors - people slam their doors, they call you names, they’re rude… And I am not even talking about knocking on doors of people in financial and emotional disctress…
Just my opinion…

I see some people “slamming” (no pun intended) door knocking here. My advice is to each his own. The bottom line is that you are knocking on people’s doors that are truly in a financial hardship may be truly motivated sellers. We are there to help them. If they slam a door in your face, it is their loss, not yours.

I find that it’s best to mix it up when making calls. Not too early…10am to 3pm. People in preforeclosure may have lost their job and are at home during the day. After 10am, the kids are at school, after 3pm they’re back home…then it’s home work, after school activities,running around etc…then it’s dinner, home work, getting them ready for bed etc…all the while ducking / screening their calls to aviod collection agencies. I don’t think many people want to receive a call while they are in the middle of trying to make dinner, and the kids are running around.
Just my thoughts…Pete

I have worked in direct sales for several years. What I have found is that “cold-calling” is one of the best ways around to get deals. When you are cold-calling you have to have the mindset that you are doing active MARKETING, not active sales!!

When I was doing business to business sales for a copier company (talk about tacky…) my goal from a cold call was to get a minute of face time with a decision maker to sell them on a future appointment where I would make my full sales pitch. I had no intention of selling them on my full service on the spot, although I wouldn’t complain if it happened… If someone yells at you or gives you a hard time, move on for now. Call on them later if it’s a GOOD prospect… maybe they are having a bad day. (Don’t pester them though…)

Similar to the copier business, there is no shortage of people who need our services to help them with their problems. Develop a GREAT sales pitch, practice with a friend or family member and start making calls. There only time I wouldn’t call on people is very early in the morning or very late at night.

Totally agree. Calling = deals.

If you are really uncomfortable talking to people then just leave messages directing them to your website or something. I’ve done that and got as much as a 15% response (response = someone listened to the message, went to my site, and filled out the questionaire.)

I completely agree with DannyTheGreat; cold calling is tacky and is not something an investor interested in starting a company should consider. However if your a one or two deal a year investor its not going to matter because you wont have a reputation to hurt.

Unless your going out and turning over rocks to find deals every other wannabe investor in your city is going to have access to those property list and successful individuals or entities always have the same marketing… thats sarcastic.

If your not original in your marketing your going to be hurt by all the other same copycats. It doesnt matter if you think your the nicest guy on the phone, maybe the first person to call the homebuyer was a jerk. If your putting flyers on someones window maybe six months ago someone scrapped their car doing the exact same thing. Be creative!