Has your buyer factored in whether they can run this place or not?..That means running the restaurant operations, gift shop, cabins, etc…Would they be able to make as much as the current owners?..Does a lot of the business come from people who have known him over the years and might not come if he’s not there anymore?..If they have to hire a manager to run the place, that $100k profit just got slaughtered…

:cool OKAY BUFFINVESTOR good questions!!!

THIS place has been there and running from the start of dirt !!! THIS is the second as far as i know owner!! THIS part of Oregon is just now becomming the real hot spot and place to go !!! THE whole area has had a big write up in some travel things !!

THE buyer has many family members who will be working at this place once the deal happens ! HE wants it to be a family business !! HE i am sure will keep around one or two people whom have worked there for a while just so things go off with out a problem!

WILL people stop going there because there will be new owners // i do not think so !!! AS this place and county is just startting to come into its own as they say !!! AT this point it is sad the sellers are getting to old to run the place as they had it during the hard times !!
WITH this becomming the new to go place in Oregon the income will only go up as well the value of the place !!

              i hope this helped you  out with your  questions  as well any one elses thoughts along the same lines :beer

Please don’t use so many “!!!”'s in your writing…I feel like I’m shouting to myself just reading your posts…

So he’s bringing in a bunch of family members…They all need to get paid from that $100k profit, right?..And what happens to the experience level at the resort if there’s only 1 or 2 current employees left there?..And how long will they stay when they realize they’re the only ones left and will probably be asked to leave so the family can run the whole show?..There’s more to making a business successful than just writing numbers on a spreadsheet…There’s a definite human side that has to be taken care of to make it truly successful…

Let us know how it all turns out…I’d be curious to know…

:cool OKAY two of the family members worked in the food services
and one of the other has manged and is now manging a koa

there is the know how iam sure , the ones who are staying have been there with the past owners and now the current owners so i think they will saty a long time yet

AS for letting you know how it all turns out he has not found the HML yet to make it happen