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February 09, 2023, 06:36:37 am
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February 09, 2023, 06:36:37 am
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Author Topic: "Get Buyers" Call Script Tested and Proven  (Read 2270 times)

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"Get Buyers" Call Script Tested and Proven
« on: January 13, 2011, 11:59:01 am »
Hey, real quick here.

I just finished about a month of testing this with my students and I thought some of you might appreciate this too.  One of the "Profit Paradoxes" as I like to call them in terms of finding good, solid, cash buyers to work with has been this...

"They don't want to work with inexperienced people, but you can't get experience if nobody will work with you"

It's seemed to be the ultimate chicken or the egg problem.

Up until this testing concluded, students (I know this sounds so "Guruey" to call them that but what else can I say really?) would call buyers and do their best to sound confident but always felt troubled because they didn't know where to take the conversation because they didn't really have anything to offer other than "Can I help find you houses".

Keep in mind most of these calls were made after using my HUD hound method or Buyer Multiplier (which are both posted here in the forum... Somewhere?) because of this students knew right up front that the people had already purchased a house recently.

Anyway... the script goes like this...

"Hello so and so this is Mr. Student and I noticed you bought the property at 123 REI lane the other week and I'm wondering if you'd be interested in selling it."

Wow, big friggen deal right... Anyone with a 2nd grade edumacation could have thought of that?  Not really.

The thing is most guru's (including myself) would have recommended asking them about their business and sooner or later popping the "Can I call you with a good house when i see one" question.  The problem we were having with that question is that it lead to a TON of questions from buyers that would make most rookies buckle under pressure.

The reason why this new script works so well is this... It's pure persuasion wizardry.  To some of you this may sound like "hocus pocus" but here's the skinny.

#1 By asking them to buy their property you automatically open up a conversation about their business to which you can build more rapport

#2 In the minds of your potential buyer on the other end you've "Slammed the door shut" on the traditional line of questioning because they must "Presuppose" so many things in order for you to be having the conversation... Even more importantly you build instant unquestionable credibility because...

a. the buyer must assume that because you called and asked to buy his property that you alread invest.

b. that you are currently investing

c. this is the big one--> They must assume you aren't some NEEDY ROOKIE whose calling because you want to sponge off them.  Believe it or not this is what most of them assume.  I can attest to this because I made a boatload of needy rookie calls myself.

If you haven't called many investors then this will seems like "Whatever big deal" but for those people who've struggled with this you'll come to know just how killer this works.

Hope this helps a few of you.

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