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September 27, 2021, 11:19:36 am
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September 27, 2021, 11:19:36 am
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Author Topic: Action Acceleration Rx for the "challenged rookie"  (Read 2809 times)

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Action Acceleration Rx for the "challenged rookie"
« on: June 08, 2010, 01:06:12 pm »
"I don't have time"... PUKE!

Look, last time I checked we've all got just 24 hours in our days and NO you can't manage time...

You can however, manage your actions within the space of time. 

Contrary to popular belief it's NOT how much info you can cram into your brain about investing that will determine whether your succeed or fail.

Its how much control you decide to take over your thoughts, emotions, and actions will make or break your chances of succeeding in the RE business.  This is a little exercise that has helped quite a few people out and hopefully  there's a few of you here that it might help as well.

WARNING:  It's been my experience that many Newbies and advanced investor alike will see something like this and go... "Well yeah of course... I know this stuff".  If your not already making six figures in the business or you haven't done a deal at all then my bet's on one of these horses being the culprit...

So just put this stuff into practice for the next 7 days and watch the dramatic shifts that will start to take place in your life.

Here's why this works...

Your thoughts control how you feel and how you feel determines the actions that you can and/or will take. 

 1.What are doing instead of what you need to do?
 a)Physical-what are you doing when you could be doing something else?  Determine the highest value activities as they relate to your desired outcome then turn your attention to doing those.

 b)Mental- What are you thinking when you could be thinking something else?  Because your mind can only hold 1 thought within your attention at 1 time you can replace negative thoughts with thoughts that will serve you and your cause.

 c)Emotional- How are you feeling when you could be feeling something else?

By consistently asking yourself this question “What am I not doing now?” you can begin to gain  awareness of all of the the wasteful actions you end up doing instead of what you need to be doing.  I challenge you to ask yourself this question at least once every hour during the day. 
 2.Identify and eliminate time wasting aimless actions that don't fully allow you to enjoy yourself and don't move you any closer to the outcomes that you desire either. Some examples from my own life are checking email incessantly, watching the news, tv commericials, etc.

 3.Identify the payoffs for doing low value aimless action activities in the following areas:
 a)People- Who are the people in your life that bring no added enjoyment and don't help you along in moving closer to your desired outcome and what is your payoff for keeping them in your life?

 b)Actions-What aimless action activities are you engaging in that don't move you any closer to your desired outcomes and don't bring you any added enjoyment either?  What is the payoff for engaging in these aimless actions?

 c)Thoughts- This one is huge because for most of 95% of our thoughts are like old records that we play day after day, playing the same thing again and again.  I say they are like records because most of them are the same thoughts we had back when their were only record players. What are the thoughts that you consistently hold in your mind that DO NOT bring you any added enjoyment and don't move you any closer to your desired outcome?  What is your payoff for having these thoughts?__________________________________________________________________________________
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