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Title: Any tips to find a bird dog or wholesaler?
Post by: iamginaw on December 15, 2016, 07:29:38 pm
I live in a small community (San Luis Obispo, California) and I would really love to find someone who can spend time looking for appropriate properties for us. My partner is the salesperson but he still has a day job. We had one person who contacted me and that's great but we would love to pay someone to do more bird dogging for me.

Title: Re: Any tips to find a bird dog or wholesaler?
Post by: Redstar1324 on December 17, 2016, 10:31:40 pm
Title: Re: Any tips to find a bird dog or wholesaler?
Post by: birdawg99 on February 03, 2017, 12:00:20 pm
I can find you as many wholesalers as you can handle. I am a bird dog of sorts. I specialize in generating leads. Just PM me and I will give you a sample of the work I can do for you. You will be amazed at how many more leads you will get, for a fraction of what you pay right now. When you are equipped with the proper information, your acceptance ratio will go through the roof, and your profits will sky rocket. Make sure you reply back to me. You don't want to miss this opportunity
To your success
Title: Hire a full time researcher with Math Skills
Post by: Loan5122343304 on February 06, 2017, 02:20:49 pm
* WHY not Post a Job and Hire someone you could train to search for the Value Points you want
Be sure they have awesome Math Skills too !  :biggrin
Title: Re: Any tips to find a bird dog or wholesaler?
Post by: Randoskie on February 06, 2017, 05:28:55 pm
I have started a new recruitment campaign to find me some good bird dogs. I Started the ad a few days ago on Craig's List,
"Property Finders wanted" Under the real estate jobs offered. Cost $25 for 30 days

Property finders wanted. Huge profit potential. My partners and I specialize in buying and selling junky distressed houses. We will pay you $2,000 for every property you find that we flip. No license or experienced needed. If you are ambitious and willing to work and stay focused you may have what it takes. Email me for my Info at....

I include photos of some of my bird dogs in my ads that are holding the 2K in cash, perfect for lending some faith and credibility.

I Just started the ad a few days ago and have 15 applicants already. This time I decided to be more of a warm caring person than my normal impatient self. I'll take more time for care and feeding and stroking their egos. Most of these people will flake but maybe I can convert a higher percentage by being a leader, friend & mentor. I will send them multiple emails to motivate and inspire them. Maybe I can be the dad or friend they never had. maybe with some extra effort on my part will mean getting a few more deals.
Damn, it sounds good on paper.
Let's make some Money...

Title: Re: Any tips to find a bird dog or wholesaler?
Post by: Randoskie on February 08, 2017, 06:28:36 pm
I have about 30 bird dog applicants now. Several are insisting they meet me. But I been there too many times. It's always the same story, my Mom or Brother is a Realtor, I took the realtors exam some years back, I'm always looking at houses, its in my blood and what I was born to do. I live for this and I'll be the best finder and bring you more deals than you can handle.
After 45 minutes we part and I never hear from them again.
One of my hobbies is studying human behavior, but if I tried to figure these people out I'd never get any RE done.
But it's fun and challenging rounding these guys up and trying to get any kind of work out of them.
My first applicant is Frank, he sent me a mobile home for 34K and it sits in a park that costs $600 for the space.
Next he sends me a nice cheap house, but it has to be moved. this third one looks good, a newer home prob built in 60's all vacant and boarded.
My first reaction to Frank was to tell him that his first 2 houses sucked, but, the newer nicer Rando will give him praise and groom him for bird dog success.
Haha, let's make some Money....

Title: Re: Any tips to find a bird dog or wholesaler?
Post by: Randoskie on February 10, 2017, 04:43:15 pm
My latest email to my all, old and new bird dog potentials that went out today.

 One of my hobbies is learning about human behavior. What I learned is that it takes a certain kind of mentality to succeed in anything. What is that mentality? It's something I never had, but I had to learn because I was desperate.
It took me being almost homeless and my back against the wall before I got my **** together.
It started with reading self help books. I had to get out of that "I'm not worthy mind set".
I still have a long ways to go, but man am I better off now financially and mentally because I learned.
I learned to be successful takes more work than most people are willing to do.
It takes the right attitude, it takes focused action and a heart felt passion & most importantly, persistence.
With that we can prevail in any desired direction. These pep talks to myself always get me going.

What I have going is really great. I flip junk houses to the local rehab investors. I never touch them, the deals go down quickly, it's so easy a 10 year old cud do it, but I need your help. Together we can make a ton of money.
Get out ther and find us some junky houses, send me the addresses, I do everything else, contacting the owners, negotiating a price, getting it sold, doing the contracts & escrow.
Finding the houses is what I need you for, perfect relationship, we need each other.
Let's make some Money...


PS I will need you to sign the finder agreement, that legally binds me to pay you. Now, show us what you got.
Title: Re: Any tips to find a bird dog or wholesaler?
Post by: Randoskie on February 11, 2017, 01:40:58 am
Wow, my old bird dog Bob that found me one of my first deals about 4 years ago and since then we've completed about a half dozen deals. Well he just called me today. He had a 3/1 1,000 SF junker the renters had tore up and were still in there tweaking. Bob got it for $35,000 I told Bob I think I can get 42-45K for us.  Bob can find them but I got the buyers.
Bob is one good bird dog & we got along great from day one and I've been thankful for the deals he brings in. He's also done a bunch of deals on his own. He's a few years older than me and I'm almost 66.
Anyways, Bob gave me the address, asked if I cud sell it and I got it sold in about 3 hours to one of my favorite buyers.
We just made $5,000, each I made my 5K because I had built a friendship with another investor and a buyer
Isnt that crazy, I can make 5 Grand from doing that?
I used to have to work for a living.
Title: Re: Any tips to find a bird dog or wholesaler?
Post by: Randoskie on February 11, 2017, 04:28:48 pm
It seems this house has some serious liens on it. But fight on, Keep the machine going.
Never give up.
Title: Re: Any tips to find a bird dog or wholesaler?
Post by: Randoskie on February 21, 2017, 11:57:58 pm
Sketchy deal.
My bird dog Patrice found a junk house from hell, but still livable. Seller called from my post card saying that he just walked away from this house. He described it as probably needed to be tore down. I finally got him to sign it over to me in a quit claim, he kept saying he was going to do a deed in lieu to the bank because his Attorney advised him a short sale wasn't worth the effort. He owes 80K and this house is worth about 30K and I might wholesale it for 40K if it wasn't under frikin water. Well, I offered him $200 bucks in cash and he was a little more agreeable.
I got an ad going on Craig's List under house for rent. 2/1 in rough condition, cheap rent. $600 & $200 deposit. Needs handyman that can do some repairs and cleaning.
Oh yea, its in a bad part of the city, the gangs, drugs, murders.
Anyways, in just 24 hours I have had 67 calls. A few offered to pay 2 months rent in advance. Normally a 2/1 in this area wud rent for $850  I've done about a half dozen of these, a few I made the mistake of moving in some tweakers that had the cash for first and deposit and I never got another dime. . The others paid out monthly, I wud actually like to have 20 of these.
The plan is to contact lender and try to do a short sale, but heck, the monthly income adds up, I made over 10 Grand on one at 600 buks a month. Have you ever tried to negotiate a short sale with a bank?
Patrice didn't want nothing to do with it. I offered her some of the profits.
It does sound really sketchy. But the banks eventually foreclose and do an eviction and I've never heard from them. The banks wud rather have someone in them to save them from the vagrants. I've seen several that these homeless people start fires to keep warm and u can imagine how that turns out.
And I do have a signed Quit claim deeded over to me.
Don't give me that look, It sounds good on paper..