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Title: Looking for some opinions on this deal everyone
Post by: osuidoc on February 10, 2007, 01:44:46 pm
Built 2000

4000 sq ft home in a very high end are of central Ohio
5 bedrooms, 5 full baths, 2 1/2 baths, 3 car garage

purchased in 2002 for $860K

had a fire in the garage and smoke damage to the first level

owner received money from the insurance co and has begun repairs but is interesting in selling as-is since he has since found  new home his family is interested in purchasing

repairs left to do:

- complete the kitchen (cabinets, appliances)
- complete the sheetrock for the 1st floor
- all trim/crownmolding first floor
- paint second level
- stain and poly all the floors which are hardwood (have been sanded)
- replace 3 garage doors and sheetrock the garage

appraisal ARV is $980k

estimated to finish work needed $100-$120k

available to purchase as-is at $675k

so - in summary

                  buy   $675k
                 repair $120k

                  sell    $980k
                profit   $180k (not including carrying costs and fees)

comps in the area = averge days on market 119
                                average price of homes $1.05m

sounds like a winner but I am very new to high end homes and wonder
how hard it is to sell a million dollar home in todays market????

any comments are appreciated!
Title: Re: Looking for some opinions on this deal everyone
Post by: gsuidiot on February 10, 2007, 05:11:41 pm
Is the title marketable with a $675,000 purchase price or is the seller paying the difference from the insurance proceeds?  It sounds like there is more to this story.  The house could be repaired and sold without the owner putting an ounce of energy into the repairs.  The insurance company would pay and have it completed by others.  Was he not insured properly and now he's facing a problem of finding the money? 

I'm not experienced in this arena but would consider the economy in the Columbus area.  Are there big corporations moving in/out, medical facilities in/out (basically, evaluate your potential buyers lifestyle and see if there would be demand).  Also, what are your thoughts on future interest rates as they would have a big impact on a sales price in the $1mm range.  Can you afford the large carrying costs to ride out a slow market?  Why don't you just move into the house, fix it, and sell it at the best opportunity?!?!

I'm in Cleveland (the poorest city in America) = Little supply of expensive homes/people to buy them.
Title: Re: Looking for some opinions on this deal everyone
Post by: osuidoc on February 10, 2007, 05:42:51 pm
The title is marketable and the home has passed its plumbing and electrical inspections so sheetrock work can begin. It then needs to have an architectural review and the occupancy permit.

THe owner bought the house in 2002 and has only $350k mortgage left on it after a large down payment and accelerating his mortgage payments. He is not in financial stress by any means. He is just interested in another home he has come across while waiting an entire year to receive the insurance proceeds to begin the repairs.

The market for this kind of home, as I would suspect, is not really affected by interest rates. Buyers in this price range are not squeezing into a home of this price because of low interest rates. My honest opinion is that the $400-600k market is where buyers are lacking because that is where buyers are trying to get as much home as they can with not such a high family income.

Carrying costs would be $6k per month.

I dont have a plan "B" which is my concern. I cant rent this house if it doesnt sell and I do not want to live in the home.

Title: Re: Looking for some opinions on this deal everyone
Post by: gsuidiot on February 10, 2007, 07:36:16 pm
makes sense...

My only recommendation is to contact a good real estate agent in the area.  Maybe they can give advice on the market demand for the house/area.

A big ticket house will cause some realtors to be creative in their comments...hopefully, you can find one you trust.

Good Luck!