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Title company can pull comps?

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Someone just recommended this to me. Is it true?

A title company can do the closing in some states, but I dont know about comps.  The MLS in my state can only be accessed by a licensed realtor.

When I was looking for title co's, all the co's I contacted for comps/preforeclosure leads (in TX) said I need to contact a realtor and they don't provide. Your state might be different, because in TX they don't allow title co's to provide certain information.

I talked to My Co. Owner she said that some of the really big title companies do. But her's didn't.

Apparently the way it is possible for Title Companies to have MLS access is some title companies are affiliates of their local Board Of Realtors.

They arent MLS comps they are public record comps.... Actually much better...

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